Panorama PVC machine 2016

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS AND INFORMATION OF THE MACHINE It cuts PVC and aluminum profiles fast and all aspects by pushing just one button. it automatically return when the cutting process in over the saw diameter can be adjusted as 400 mm and as 450 m if desired. The saw teeth are diamond teeth. They can easily […]

Bilawal house lahore

The ownership of the palatial Bilawal House in Bahria Town, Lahore Punjab Most expensive house . Agha safety glass Install there Bullet Resistent Glass and fully test from weapons state of the art and technology.

skylight glass

Skylight Glass Our innovative glass products address all of the challenges homeowners face – energy costs and consumption, maintaining the value of their home in a challenging economy and having a beautiful home Skylights are light transmitting (elements filling building envelope openings) forming all, or a portion of, the roof of a building’s space for […]

Beautiful Aquarium

Use bullet proof glass to make a aquarium fish tank this is very huge fish tank If you have the room, I gave the tank 300 gallon acrylic tank with everything. Modern style stand and canopy. Black background with internal overflow box.This means your Aquarium will be virtually leak and break-proof. Because Acrylic is impervious […]