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Faqeer hussain proprietor of agha safet glass  faqeer hussain





  1. Sir, Wanted to enquire about heat resistant safety glass. My team works in an environment which is above 200 degrees. For how long and for how much temperature can your heat resistant safety glass can with-stand.


  2. AOA, I am currently constructing my home in Lahore and i wanted to know whether you provide services in Lahore or not. I am interested in double glazed tempered glass and 3 windows containing safety glass as well. I also have a roof which is all glass and want to install double glazed tempered glass with heat resistant, maybe argon gas. if your company operates in Lahore then kindly let me know and we can arrange a meeting and can show you the site. Thanks.

  3. I am from Afganistan. and I need the products of (Bullet proof )and (laminat)
    how can I find you? and can you exported these products? thanks

  4. Dear Sir,

    I need information on your double glaze windows for residential use. I would appreciate if you also provide the address and phone number of your representative. thanks

    • Dear AShraf,

      Please contact us by direct phone number. we provide you all information related double glazed windows for residential.

      Best Regard
      Faqeer hussain

  5. Dear Mr Hussain,

    I am doing glass for projects and also have contacts in Afghanistan as I have visited Afghanistan a few times. I get requirements for tempered and bullet resistant glass and am interested in your products. Earlier I have supplied tempered glass from Ghani(GVG) and bullet resistant from PSG. Kindly give your product specifications and prices for so tat We can work together. Also confirm if you are using PVB or chemical for bullet resistant glass.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards.

    Rehan Hussain

  6. Hi Mr.Faqeer ,

    This is Nina from SAOSA® glass laminated resin in China, may i ask what brand of resin you use for glass lamination work?

    SAOSA® resin is designed for glass lamination with below unique advantages,I wonder if we would have chance to serve your esteemed company?
    No tape line remaining.
    High transparency and impact strength.
    Lower production cost, only need to be cured under sunlight for 30-50 minutes
    One component, ready to use liquid
    Highly qualified with European Quality standard & SGS certified
    10 years no yellowing, no delamination, no bubbles.
    Available for all shapes of glass.

    Currently we have 3 types of resin for different applications:
    SAOSA UV-S for general architectural laminated glass, with high transparency rate
    SAOSA UV-H for architectural laminated glass, with high impact resistance
    SAOSA UV-B for bulletproof laminated glass

    Mr. Faqeer, SAOSA® has helped lots of glass processors solve their problems by using other materials. If any interest, free sample are available for your test. We look forward to cooperate with you, Mr. Faqeer.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Nina Chi
    Sales Executive

    Xiamen SaoSA Technology International Ltd.
    Skype: cljnina
    Mob: +86 134 0072 2493 (Whatsapp/ Line/ Viber)

  7. Dear Sir
    Good day.
    i want to have some bulletproof glass for car,would you please guide me and send me some technical detail.
    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
    Thanks and regards.

  8. Please send quotation for 2 glass windows (framed in steel) measuring 4 x 6 ft for customer services with steel trays.

    • Dear Sir,

      Thanks for comment,

      Please confirm what kind of glass do you need 2 glass windows ? double glazed or laminated glass ?

      Any further information please direct contact us by phone. don,t hesitation

      Best Regard
      Faqeer hussain

  9. I am constructing a house at has a dome type skylight in double height tv lounge skyligh radius is 6feet,I need a bulletproof waterproof dome type skylight ,kindly send information and cost estimate

  10. Kindly let me know if you have AGC -Belgium glass or only local glasses and also let me know which brand of PVB you are using.

  11. Dear Sir,

    I am thinking of replacing my already existing aluminum windows with double glazed windows. I would like to know a) what would need to be done b) Can the aluminum frames be retained c) how effective is it for shielding against heat / sound etc, d) what would be the approximate cost of getting double glazed windows installed on per square foot basis. Please do let e know at the earliest. Regards, Khale

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