Panorama PVC machine 2016


It cuts PVC and aluminum profiles fast and all aspects by pushing just one button. it automatically return when the cutting process in over the saw diameter can be adjusted as 400 mm and as 450 m if desired. The saw teeth are diamond teeth. They can easily be adjusted for aluminum cutting . watered system can be installed if desired.


Our Machine are carefully packed and transferred to you our factory before the assemble of the machine there are some matters which needs to be completed and paid attention to by the user.

The air installation pipes must be 270 cm higher then the compressor. The diameter of the airline must be 20 mm minimum and 25 mm maximum. The airline tubing shall be connected separately to each machine and must be at the back of the machine approximately 80 cm high from the ground.

The exits of the airline tubing must be 1/2 and must have a valve. The intake of the compressor must have dryer and a water holder filter. Otherwise the water which accumulates in the compressor will damage the pneumatic parts of the machine.

The water in the compressor be emptied every day . This should also be done for the air preparation units. Electricity connections must be done by competent personnel. Our company is not responsible for the problems that arise due to wrong or deficient electrical connection.
the electricity cable must be at least 4 X 2,5 the machinery and compressor uses approximately 15 kW power.

The initial installation should not be done without the knowledge of competent service. Otherwise Our company is not responsible of the problems that may arise.

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