Bullet resistant glass

Bullet Proof GLass withstand Bulletproofing glass having a capabilities to stop bullets and other penetration so but the fact is that every bullet proof glass have a diffirent worth to withstand just like 25mm thickness glass have stop .44magnum bullet, and if we talk 52mm thickness or more than so it withstand approx AK47 guns […]

bullet proof

At first glance, bullet-resistant glass looks identical to an ordinary pane of glass, but that’s where the similarities end. An ordinary piece of glass shatters when struck by a single bullet. Bullet resistant glass is designed to withstand one or several rounds of bullets depending on the thickness of the glass and the weapon being […]

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Bullet resistant glass is a glass typically made of a strong, transparent material that gives it the ability to withstand being struck by bullets. Naturally, it is not totally impenetrable. However, instead of shattering it can flex. Bullet resistant glass has many different names. One might call it bulletproof glass, transparent armor, or ballistic glass. […]

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We want to make sure our customer understands everything about bulletproof glass before making a decision. Implementing a bullet resistant barrier in your business is a big investment, so it’s important that every barrier component is designed with your space in mind. That’s why a custom solution is the best option for Agha Safety , […]