Manufacturer of bullet and blast resistant glass

Our processing Our industrial specialty glass manufacturing including heat reflective glass & composite safety glass. some company are making with PVB chemical but Our company making with Resin chemical because Resin chemical are available many color including and better than PVB. This picture have been show what kind bullet proof glass what thickness because Our […]

Triple glazed windows

Triple-glazed windows originated from countries like Canada and Scandinavia,UK , England Australia, and many more countries uses es in home and building triple glazed reducing a heat from sun and make a could atmosphere and save your money life time just for one time investing project to save money and save your home specially child […]

Double Glazed Manufacturing In Pakistan

You life is very important for Our company double glass are very important to install any home or building because double glazed advantage is 1st stop the outside noises and safe from child because many people think what kind product use than safe from child cricket ball etc double glaze safe your money for life […]

Fire Resistant glass manufacturing by Resin

Fire Resistant glass Fire Protection Glass products offered by Agha safety glass, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of glazing for transparent fire resistant glass. fire resistant glass is represented in several hundred fully tested and approved glazing systems. This includes doors and partitions of various framing materials and designs, facades and roof glazing and […]