Bilawal house lahore

The ownership of the palatial Bilawal House in Bahria Town, Lahore Punjab Most expensive house . Agha safety glass Install there Bullet Resistent Glass and fully test from weapons state of the art and technology.

Beautiful Aquarium

Use bullet proof glass to make a aquarium fish tank this is very huge fish tank If you have the room, I gave the tank 300 gallon acrylic tank with everything. Modern style stand and canopy. Black background with internal overflow box.This means your Aquarium will be virtually leak and break-proof. Because Acrylic is impervious […]

Bullet proof Wall

67mm bullet resistant wall glass With more than 15 years’ experience behind us, knows what it takes to design and manufacture bullet resistant products. Regardless of your needs, our wide selection of bullet proof products is sure to meet them has top-of-the-line, reliable solutions for even the most demanding, mission-critical operations, such as those involving […]

Our BulletProof glass Project

The products we create keep people safe at their jobs. Security guards, cops, and people who work in dangerous jobs can worry less because the vests we make protect them. This bulletproof glass window who you see it is 67mm thickness glass it is stop Ak47,9mm, etc bullet. This window install with steel frame and […]