Bullet proof Wall

67mm bullet resistant wall glass

With more than 15 years’ experience behind us, knows what it takes to design and manufacture bullet resistant products. Regardless of your needs, our wide selection of bullet proof products is sure to meet them has top-of-the-line, reliable solutions for even the most demanding, mission-critical operations, such as those involving prisons, banks, government applications and more. Each of our bulletproof products is designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials.our bullet resistant glazing and bullet resistant products are engineered to be tough, long-lasting and dependable. Our selection of quality products

We offer this kind of bullet proof glass who stop. Ak47,9mm. In any facility that demands protection against ballistic attacks, Agha bullet resistant products can be found. From convenience stores and banks, to courtrooms and military bases, we provide reliable solutions to a diverse array of customers. Whether you need bulletproof windows and panels, or bullet resistant doors and frames, we have you covered.

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