Bullet Resistant Glass test From Ak47 refile.

This bullet proof glass test from Ak47 gun and its thickness are 64mm agha safety glass provide a best security solution with clear vision.”Bulletproof” glass is very different to ordinary glass. More correctly called bullet-resistant glass (because no glass is totally bulletproof), it’s made from layers of Chemical, sandwiched in between pieces of toughened glass. […]

sound proof glass window

Reduce your noises problems Agha safety glass provide the best sound proof glass, Besides reducing noise, can solve window problems, this sound proof glass called in other word in Double glazed or more then triple glazed, The benefits than replacement windows with your normal glass window. Double glaze give they approximate 95 % reduce noises […]

Bullet proof Wall

67mm bullet resistant wall glass With more than 15 years’ experience behind us, knows what it takes to design and manufacture bullet resistant products. Regardless of your needs, our wide selection of bullet proof products is sure to meet them has top-of-the-line, reliable solutions for even the most demanding, mission-critical operations, such as those involving […]

Laminated glass flooring

We professionally installed glass flooring can make a spectacular statement in almost any building. Light and Space can be liberated in even the dingiest of existing buildings, and with new buildings, glass flooring offers endless design possibilities. structural glass floor system is the modular easy to install, and proven in hundreds of floor applications. For […]