High-Powered Heavy Metal Bowling Ball Throw Up On Bulletproof Glass

Agha Safety Glass co. Tested bulletproof glass with this metal bowling ball throw up on bulletproof glass. This will test the strength of your bullet proof windows, so you can utilize their ability to stop bullets from outside before we install them at your property. The impact of this test will show if your glass is strong enough to protect you and those around you should they be hit by a stray bullet. We use these tests to confirm our product and make sure that it will hold up in real-life situations!

Glass door bulletproof glass test. This is MS frame that was used for stop the bullets from outside. The strength of MS frame is strong enough to stop bullets from outside, but not strong enough to break by hand. It’s recommended that you use this product with a table protector and please do not use it with a children if you are worried about their safety.


This bullet resistant door is ideal for your home office and other security locations such as dormitories, college campus and any other area where you need a safe entrance.

It is suggested that this bullet resistant door should be used in your home office, lockable storage area and any other place you need a safe and secure environment.

This Bullet Resistant Door for branch banking is a great option for cash dealing area. It is much stronger than other bullet resistant doors and it’s made from anodized aluminum, which will prevent the door from breaking into pieces like others do after they are penetrated. The frame of this insulating door consists of strong steel supports and reinforced steel ribs that help prevent most projectiles from penetrating the door.

This entrance door is suitable for bank branches, where cash dealing area is needed. It’s very important to be able to resist bullets and other ammunition. This will help protect your employees and customers while they are entering or leaving a location.It can bear various threats and can resist burglars.

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