sound proof glass window

Reduce your noises problems

Agha safety glass provide the best sound proof glass, Besides reducing noise, can solve window problems, this sound proof glass called in other word in Double glazed or more then triple glazed, The benefits than replacement windows with your normal glass window. Double glaze give they approximate 95 % reduce noises problems, because it is very good for those people who spend more time in study or office work because lack of concentration to distract from your goals or targets because when every person should peace full environments. We advise less costly soundproofing solutions are best. Feature of sound proofing 1:Solves your noise problem 2:No need to replace windows An effective sound barrier 3:Saves energy - increases insulation values 4:Added strength and security from breakage 5:Creates a super-quiet, relaxing, low-stress environment 6:Provides a marketing advantage for the property

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  1. I would like to replace my Windows with Double glazed in DHA Phase 4.
    Pl. contact me at 03322584866

    Dr. Yaqub Chughtai

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